Free Resume Design – The 9 Rules of Resume Design

Let’s cut to the chase. How would you like to have a significant response to your resume, regardless of the competition? If so, apply these simple yet very effective free resume design rules to create a memorable first impression with your potential employer.

If you are happy with being – just another number in the crowd, then by all means go ahead and use Microsoft Words standard template. The template is outdated and makes your resume appear generic and bland. Although the formatting looks correct viewed in MS word, it will not translate well when emailed and digitally scanned for uploading to search engine web sites.

Another common mistake when preparing a resume is to include graphics. Whether it is a picture of yourself or any other graphic it is not appropriate. Use the rule – “If it is not plain text, leave it out” Doing otherwise will leave an impression on the employer that you are not very professional and in fact not that up to date with common business protocol. Not the type of first impression you should want to portray.

Using samples from the internet is fine, but be sure to search for those within your industry. That way you will find templates that are more suited to your field of work. Compose your resume on a blank piece of paper and then use the template as a guide to replicate the overall layout.

Follow these 9 free resume design rules

1. Keep it to a maximum of two pages.

2. Use one inch margins all the way around the page

3. Always use left justification

4. Font and size should remain consistent

5. Use the basic bullet point indicators like circles and squares.

6. If you want to you can use all caps in your headlines otherwise all text to remain with default formatting

7. Do not underline any information as this implies an active web link when uploaded to search engine web sites

8. Use a maximum of 14 point font size for headings and 12 point for normal text.

9. Make use of the tab key when creating spaces between the text.

To double check, email it to friends and family asking them to report anything outside of the ordinary. Make a point of printing it out on paper to see that all the margins are correctly set and your content is not crowded.

Once you are happy with with it, proof it one more time for typos, misspellings and errors before submitting it. Now take a breather and stay within arms reach of your phone…Well done – wishing you all the very best.

Do you want free resume design advice that is current, concise and complete?


Updated: July 20, 2019 — 12:43 pm

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